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Subject: Re: Deep Search Extension

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 09:50:45 01/22/98

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On January 22, 1998 at 05:03:38, Ernst A. Heinz wrote:

>>>I tried Bruce's mate threat extension (everyone did, I guess...), and it
>>>works fine.
>I just gave it a quick shot but then put it on my to-do list because the
>quick implementation made our search trees *explode* ... :-(

For me it doesn't explode, but this could be coincidence.  I could have
a hard time return values for mate in N where N is > 1, so this might
not be activating unless there is a mate in 1 present.

I don't suggest that anyone do this without checking to make sure that
it doesn't exhibit some awful behavior, or do nothing.

Some programs wouldn't need this extension anyway, since they would do
this stuff in the evaluation, or their search might not have the same
problems that mine has.

If it is going to produce an improvement, it will be on WAC141.  If you
want to show that it can have an improvement elsewhere, check WAC222.
You should get the fail high earlier in both cases, I think.

Anyone have another method to reduce time for WAC141?


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