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Subject: What information to store in book learning?

Author: Christian Söderström

Date: 02:30:07 01/02/01

Hello everyone!

I am just designing a new book format for my engine Mint. It will
use Quark's pre-compiled format PBK (which can be built from PGN
files) and compile it to a binary file, which is much smaller and
easier to read, and much cooler also :)

Anyway, I figure every position/move should be 16 bytes long, and
when all information about move and hash-signature are added to
the entry (including PBK flags) 12 bytes are used. Now those are
pretty much mission critical - I can't change those.

So I am left with 4 bytes. I want to use these to store statistics
about the move, to support a future book-learning function. But the
thing is I'm not sure what information would be most useful to store!

I have a couple of ideas obviously but I am very interested to hear
any ideas others might have. 4 bytes is pretty much, but not enough
to get too crazy :)

- Christian

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