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Subject: Re: About SEE

Author: Severi Salminen

Date: 00:38:48 01/05/01

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>>So this is like doing a more accurate futility pruning in qsearch. Do you use
>>the same margin as in futility pruning (I use 2 pawns). If I have understood
>>right, futility pruning in normal search does only need to know the value of
>>piece being captured, not the true swapoff value so SEE doesn't help there.
>I think I use one pawn.  But my original "estimate" is not really just the
>material score, it is a true call to Evaluate() since this has to be done to
>fill in the "stand pat" score anyway.  It is very unlikely a single capture
>will change the material score in a huge way except when the last piece is

You mean the positional score?

>removed, etc...  and you can factor that in..

>You can use just the value of the piece being captured for futility pruning,
>but it is more accurate to use the SEE score instead, as it is a better
>estimate of what will happen...

Yes, of course now that I think of it: if the score after only the first capture
as <=alpha then it must definitely be lower using the see score and with see
you'll get much more moves pruned.


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