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Subject: Re: Can nullmoves behave like this?

Author: Severi Salminen

Date: 03:22:29 01/10/01

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>Did you boundscheck your program already?

No. Can I do it with Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise?

>Usually weird behaviour in programs where you don't forward
>prune on alfa (either in qsearch or normal search) nor
>forward prune in normal search (except for nullmove)
>is only because of bugs inside the program!

This is what I also fear now...I tried to hunt down a weird bug for 5 hours and
found out that I had "int History[MAX_PLY][MAX_PLY];"!! And MAX_PLY was set to
60...No wonder that it behaved little odd sometimes...But how can one find this
kind of behaviour?

>>>simplest solution is to never give a cutoff from hash if
>>>it is score 0.00, that's what i do and it always worked.
>>Sounds reasonable. 0.00 means (or should mean) draw after all :)
>Oh well 0 or whatever score is your draw score.

Ahem, it was a stupid joke. If eval() return 0.00 you know it is a draw...oh,
forget it...


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