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Subject: Re: Fritz 5

Author: Rajen Gupta

Date: 11:03:16 02/06/98

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On February 06, 1998 at 07:44:27, Didzis Cirulis wrote:

>Dear chessfriends,
>This is my first day in Computer-Chess Club.
>My question is to those of you who has the Fritz 5 chess program: What
>is really good in it and How does it stand against other programs like
>Rebel 9.0 or Hiarcs 6.0?
>I want to know an independent opinion, as I assume the information in
> as a little bit selected.
>My next question is if there is a Rebel 9.0 engine compatible with
>Fritz 5?
>Looking for your answers,
>Didzis Cirulis

The Fritz 5 is an extremely good and a very strong programme.(I think
that at present it is the strongest of all commecial programmes as it
has decisevely beaten R9, R8, MCP6&7, H6, G5 in the Nunn matches at
various time controls.(see the Cheessbase site)If you want a detailed
description of what is good in it you will have to find one of Komputer
Korners articles about this(eg. in Web computer Chess Reports)as he is
very good at this sort of thing.

rajen gupta

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