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Subject: Re: Fritz 5

Author: Ed Schröder

Date: 04:09:04 02/09/98

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>Posted by Kai Lübke on February 09, 1998 at 05:17:46:

>In Reply to: Fritz 5 posted by Didzis Cirulis on February 06, 1998 at

>On February 06, 1998 at 07:44:27, Didzis Cirulis wrote:

>>Dear chessfriends,

>>This is my first day in Computer-Chess Club.
>>My question is to those of you who has the Fritz 5 chess program: What
>>is really good in it and How does it stand against other programs like
>>Rebel 9.0 or Hiarcs 6.0?

>F5 is slightly below R9 or H6 in playing strength, but it has an
>enormous lot of features (like the correspondence analysis, blunder
>check, coach mode etc.) that make it stand out from the rest.
>And you can get Hiarcs 6 (maybe still the strongest program in the
>world) and World Champion Junior as plugin engines for Fritz (at half
>the prize of the full product) and use all of Fritz' features with these
>engines, too!
>Also, Fritz has an almost revolutionary book concept.

>In general, I fully agree with the praise it gets at,
>except for the allusion that it excels Hiarcs or Rebel in playing
>strength which is based only on the (not undisputed) Nunn test set.
>Here are some results from the Louguet II test on my machine for

>Hiarcs 6        2535
>Rebel 9         2530
>Rebel 8         2525
>MChess 7        2480
>Fritz 5         2465  <-----
>Chessm. 5500    2430
>MChess 5        2410
>Crafty 14.1     2405

>So Fritz is among the best, but not at the very top. My test and
>tournament games support that impression.
>However, if you buy the Hiarcs 6 engine as well, you get a product that
>leaves almost nothing left to wish for.

>>My next question is if there is a Rebel 9.0 engine compatible with
>>Fritz 5?

>No (not yet).

I prefer to compete with a true Win95/NT (MS-office alike) Rebel
currently in development.

>Maybe Ed can shed some light on this, but it's not impossible there may
>be a Rebel 10 engine late this year? (Don't want to start any rumours,
>though! :-)

Rebel9 is just 3 months old.

Another subject, where can I find the KKK-II games in PGN?
I can't find them on Bert's side.

- Ed Schroder -


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