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Subject: Re: here it is.

Author: leonid

Date: 18:56:11 01/17/01

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On January 17, 2001 at 20:41:29, Paul wrote:

>On January 17, 2001 at 19:41:34, leonid wrote:
>>Brute force, even 6 moves took on mine around 6 minutes. Branching factor looked
>>very bad for this position. With similar branching factor and having no hash in
>>the program, I thought that looking for exact solution will be too long.
>Well, maybe it's possible after all now you know it's at most a mate in 9?
>Otherwise you might try the program Chest by Heiner Marxen, that's a real
>good matesolver; or first build in your hashtable(s) :)

As far as I know Chest is not independent chess program with its graphic
interface. For me usage of engin is all the time somehow slow process. I used
for the first time, just as example, Crafty only when I found it inside of my
Hiarcs CD.

It could be that even with Chest program, even if it use hash table, brute force
search could be very long. Presence of many heavy pieces on the chess board make
me think so. Only some selective search is really effective in such a position.

I am just looking into implemention of hash table but for now unsuccessfully.
Even in theory it look not that bright. I don't speak about mate solver. Problem
is that for hash table to be effective it must have inside already some 250
positions saved. It is something very difficult to reach for three consecutive
plys, after few initial plys. I still must to find what I am missing there.


>>Please indicate address of your program, if it is complet chess program (not
>>engin) and if it free. Curious to see if I already know it.
>No, you don't know it. Only 2 people on this earth have seen it :)
>It's a complete chessprogram with a GUI, but privatware ... I only wear it
>in private :)

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