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Subject: Re: If you want solve one mate...

Author: Paul

Date: 15:39:29 01/21/01

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On January 21, 2001 at 18:31:55, Heiner Marxen wrote:

>BTW, after the first two moves besides 3.Qgxb7+ also 3.Qexc5+ and 3.Qeb6+
>solve this.  I like the last one (it does not even capture):
>3.Qeb6+ Ka8  4.Qgxb7+ Qdxb7  5.Qxb8+ Qxb8  6.Qxb8+ Qxb8  7.Q6a5+ Na6
>8.Qaxa6+ Qa7  9.Qg8+ Bf8  10.Qxf8+ Qe8+  11.Qbxe8+ Qc8  12.Qxc8#

Hey ... that's my line (almost)!! ;)


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