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Subject: Re: And here's another problem for you (Knightshead4mate Revisited)!

Author: leonid

Date: 17:57:16 01/21/01

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On January 21, 2001 at 20:25:50, Paul wrote:

>On January 21, 2001 at 20:19:09, leonid wrote:
>>If this is the positions that is 30 moves deep, just read in other message, I
>>give up and you are winner! Mine don't search more that 13 moves.
>Hmmmm ... I don't want to win that way! The position wasn't even mine!
>Is it difficult to change your program so that it can search deeper?
>Not that you should do that, it's just a question ...

I still went to search the position by curiosity. Mine 13 moves deepest
selective search said, after thinking for 17 sec., that it find nothing. Tried
brute force. Ended search after 8 moves. No mate in sight. Branching factor was
usual for mate positions but their was no possibility to search 30 moves deep.

4 moves - 0.055 sec
5 moves - 4.4   sec
6 moves - 3.6   sec
7 moves - 35    sec
8 moves - 389   sec

This way, even with all the hash possible I must stay with my program up to the
end of Universe.

My program can extend its search as much as I would like. For now I don't need
much deeper search and with DOS I am limited somehow with one segment problem.
When I will rewrite my program for Linux I will make search much deeper. In my
program plys are not reusable but each ply is specific.


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