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Subject: Re: And here's another problem for you (Knightshead4mate Revisited)!

Author: Paul

Date: 09:04:48 01/22/01

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On January 22, 2001 at 11:35:23, Peter Berger wrote:

>It seems "Bringer" does quite well here although obviously not extending that
>extremely :

>0:00:45.7  (11/59)   10041158   Matt in 29  e3-g4
>0:01:11.0  (11/59)   16637445   Matt in 29  e3-g4  e5-f5
>Depth: 11,   positions:     16961249
> 1.  e3-g4

So there are more engines that can solve this, interesting!
I also tried CM6000 and had high hopes, but it doesn't seem to get it.

I assume that 'Matt in 29' is the 'Theron-style-mate-announcement' :),
and really means mate in 30? Don't like that! Hope Christophe won't send
his Tiger after me now :)


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