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Subject: Re: If you want solve one mate...

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 11:02:25 01/22/01

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On January 22, 2001 at 12:15:02, leonid wrote:

>Program is Sjeng 8.5?


>Is this Cyrix CPU 120 Mhz?


>500000 nodes is the total number of nodes seen before finding the result?

No. That is the maximum size the search tree can be. Sjeng's matefinder
stores _all_ nodes into memory. You can make the tree as large as your
available memory. 500000 nodes equals about 16M of RAM, which was the
limit I had set for this try.

The actual number of nodes searched was 404050.

>>P: 0 D: 100000000 N: 404050 S: 404049 Mem: 10.79M Iters: 4151
>>Time : 172.480000
>172 seconds?


>>This position is WON.
>In how many moves?

No way to tell for sure. The algorithm is highly selective best-first
so there is no guarantee whatsoever that what it finds is the shortest
mate. You could establish a lowerbound by checking the maximum depth it
reached, but it follows forced lines very deeply...


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