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Subject: Re: If you like to solve easy forced mate...

Author: leonid

Date: 08:38:17 01/24/01

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On January 24, 2001 at 10:51:37, Paul wrote:

>On January 24, 2001 at 09:07:30, leonid wrote:
>>If you like to solve some easy force mate, here is one.
>>[D]2r4k/3b1p2/b2b1N2/bPrNnbb1/3nb1nn/Pn5P/1B2RQR1/4RKR1 b - -
>>Please indicate your result.
>>If you have somewhere forced mate position from real championship and that is
>>above 6 moves deep, please put it here. Best will be well populated, with many
>>pieces. This is actually what I wanted to do today but was not able to find
>>suitable one. All the time some short mates in 3 and 4. It will be curious to
>>see how actual chess program perform in real forced mate situation.
>I was already afraid that my positions were to simple for you :) Except for
>the one with all the pawns on the 7th row. I'll look further if I can find
>something, but see that the others have already given you some positions.

Are those forced mate positions came from chess championships? I doubt very
much. They are very good for fun and revision of code. They are useful. But I
would like also see some forced mate from real games. Sometime, some program
could be very good in artificial positions but not in real one. Maybe mine is
one of them. It could be also that all forced mate postiions, from real world
chess championship, are now very simple for every imaginable chess program or
mate solver. True or not? I just have not response to this. Best response is
direct trial.

Position with pawn at 7th row was solved instantly.


>This one is at most a mate in 8:
>1... Bdxb5 2. Nxe4 Bxe4 3. Qxd4 Bxe2+ 4. Rgxe2 Bxe2+ 5. Rxe2 Rc1+ 6. Bxc1 Rxc1+
>7. Qd1 Rxd1+ 8. Re1 Rxe1x

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