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Subject: Re: If you like to solve easy forced mate...

Author: Dieter Buerssner

Date: 16:55:57 01/24/01

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On January 24, 2001 at 11:08:22, Paul wrote:
>> 6r1/2rp1kpp/2qQp3/p3Pp1P/1pP2P2/1P2KP2/P5R1/6R1 w - -

>I know it's meant for Leonid, but I find a mate in 15 ... and this might
>just be too deep for Leonid. Is this true?

I also get a mate in 15. Sorry, I did not follow all the discussions.
Leonid asked for a mate deeper than in 6 moves from an actual game.
I was not aware of any restrictions on the depth.

But even here I failed, because it seems, that the position I sent was
never on the board, and probably was some position considered in post
analysis of an actual game.

With best regards,

P.S. Paul, does your program have a name? Does it play on any ICS?

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