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Subject: Re: A story about NPS

Author: Tony Werten

Date: 11:21:27 01/26/01

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On January 26, 2001 at 11:53:53, Ulrich Tuerke wrote:

>On January 26, 2001 at 11:21:46, Severi Salminen wrote:
>>Once upon a time there was a funny creature called Nellie the NPS...
>> If I remove SEE from my engine I get a 2x speed up in terms of NPS. This of
>>course results in an increase in number of nodes to be searched. Overall it
>>seems that with SEE the strenght is not much higher than without. The funny
>>thing is also that removing all futility pruning code results another increase
>>in NPS (about 2x-3x). It is likely that removing it also decreases the strenght.
>> The point of this stupid message is that: DON'T MAKE ANY CONCLUSIONS OF
>>I have spoken...
>>Severi "I'm tired" Salminen
>If you "advance" to a pure minmax search, you'll again get a higher nps.

Getting rid of that timeconsuming evaluationfunction and just returning zero
should increase the strenght to.


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