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Subject: Should an engine using SEE beat another not using it?

Author: Severi Salminen

Date: 11:30:18 01/27/01


I made a few test games between a version of my engine using SEE and another
using just MVV sorting. I played only a few (24) games and time control was
5min/G and in 8 games 1min/G. The result was 12-12! Is this possible, normal, or
do I have a bug? I would have guessed that the SEE version had beat the hell out
of the other but that never happened. It seems that SEE slows things down a lot
and the net result seems to be that it searches equally deep compared to the
other version. Has anyone here measured the true benefit of using SEE? Could you
show me positions in which SEE makes a big difference or could you run self-test
games between two versions of your program? Are there positions where SEE hurts
searching? I really like to know if SEE is worth it? I have a relatively slow
computer (300Mhz Celeron, Crafty running at 80KNPS) so could time control and
overall speed have influence on this?

Any comments are welcome!


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