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Subject: Re: A story about NPS

Author: Larry Griffiths

Date: 17:40:20 01/27/01

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On January 27, 2001 at 10:10:47, Severi Salminen wrote:

>>You can go even faster if you remove checks to see that the moves are legal and
>>just go with pseudo-legal moves.
>Now I'm generating all pseudolegal moves (first all good (SEE) captures, then
>killers, then the rest sorted by history values and bad captures) and testing
>the legality after making the move. I don't know if that can be improved?
>>IOW, you are right, you cannot make _any_ assumptions based on NPS.  MCHESS has
>>demonstrated this for a decade or so, I think.
>And Crafty: pretty low on NPS and pretty high on strength...
>>On the other, other hand, a really, really fast move generator doesn't hurt a
>Yep, "a really, really fast move generator" - my favorite daydream!

LOL, my favorite daydream... To be Robert Hyatts understudy :)


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