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Subject: If you like to solve a mate...

Author: leonid

Date: 06:32:24 02/01/01


If you like to solve one forced mate, here you are.

[D]1NrkrN2/RRbbqRR1/qBnqrnq1/nn2nBn1/1NQNQN2/3Q4/3Q4/3K4 w - -

Please indicate your result.

If you have forced mate from internation game (human player) please write the

It must be true pleasure to see your program to go into fight simulator and come
back alive. But all the time you must still keep watchful eye on how it  do
against weak human. This is why I consider forced mate from international games
be very useful. Program must play those positions even when final prophesy was
completely fulfilled. Your program became perfect machine to overkill.


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