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Subject: Deep Fritz won the Cadaqués tournament

Author: Enrique Irazoqui

Date: 12:40:03 02/06/01

Congratulations to Frans Morsch for the victory of Deep Fritz and for another
exceptional program.

And also to Christophe Théron. Gambit Tiger was that close to win the
tournament. After 285 games, with only 15 more to go, Gambit was just half a
point behind Deep Fritz. Then Gambit was caught 3 times with the same D47
opening line and it was all over. Overall, a great performance, even greater
considering that it was the only program that played without tablebases.

I want to express my gratitude to Frederic Friedel for the splendid job he has
done in the presentation of the tournament, and also to IM Hannu Wegner, whose
reports on the matches have been truly valuable.


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