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Subject: Re: 1st International CSVN Tournament 18-20 May 2001

Author: Bas Hamstra

Date: 10:02:08 02/09/01

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Hey, that's really great Vincent! I am going to sign in and hope many others
will do too!!


On February 09, 2001 at 11:34:43, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:

>After some years without a Dutch computer-chess tournament in spring it is time
>for something new: a tournament more accessible to foreigners than the Open
>Dutch Championship Computer-Chess thanks to the fact it is played in a
>consecutive number of days. At the same time we accomodate potential
>participants who cannot take much leave from work. With this tournament you keep
>in contact with other chess programmers and keep momentum in the development of
>your program. The playing tempo will also be reasonably swift, 90 minutes per
>player for the whole game. So it can become a big spectacle. The schedule of
>this 9 round Swiss tournament is Friday 12:30-22:30, Saturday 09:30-21:30
>including a break for the anual CSVN member's meeting and Sunday 9:30-19:30,
>after which the prizes are distributed.
>Here is information for potential participants. First some rules:
>	Entry is open for all nationalities. CSVN membership is not required for this
>	The programmer, being someone who programmed at least a significant part of
>the program must register as a participant, possibly together with other team
>members, who have also contributed.
>	The source code of the program may not contain pieces of published programs,
>unless the authors are in the team.
>	The participant arranges a computer by himself, so no equipment or network
>connections are made available by the organisation.
>In addition to the rules we request the programmers to be present themselves to
>operate their program and explain its background. Please register by sending
>e-mail or ordinary mail to Cock de Gorter, Valkenboskade 607, 2563 JE 's
>Gravenhage, He is interested in the following information:
>	Name of the programma and names, roles and presence of the teammembers.
>	Names of all authors of the source code of the program
>	Correspondence and e-mail address
>	Indication of playing strength (for new programs, recent games are requested)
>	Type of computer and number of processors on which the program is running
>	Used algorithms, operating system, programming language and compiler
>	Size of the program (lines of code) and the opening book (positions)
>We look  forward to your entry.
>Now announcement of a second tournament, the USER tournament.
>People can join here with their old computers:
>            3rd CSVN Chess-Computer User Tournament 19-20 May 2001
>On Saturday and Sunday we play our third Chess-Computer User Tournament for
>members of the CSVN as well. For this tournament register at M.v.Leeuwen, L.van
>Deysselhove 4, 3438 HS Nieuwegein. E-mail: More information
>will be made available on the secretary's website:
> and later on the official CSVN
>website, which is now under construction.
>Both tournaments are held at the "Leids Denksportcentrum", Robijnstraat 4, 2332
>KE Leiden, tel. +31(0)71-572 3229. From railway station Leiden you can reach the
>Denksportcentrum (Mindsportcentre!)with bus 15 or 16. When by car take exit A44
>Leiden direction Leiden. Go right N206 Haagse Schouwweg and left N206
>dr.Lelylaan. Before the bridge over the railway and the water leave this road
>and take the Barnsteenstraat. The centre is close to the other side of the
>shopping mall Diamantplein. Admission is free.

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