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Subject: Re: How much time per move?

Author: Edward Screven

Date: 18:33:17 03/02/98

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On March 02, 1998 at 15:25:46, Andrew Williams wrote:

>How do programmers decide how much time to spend on each move
>when the time controls state that the program has n minutes for
>the whole game?

here's what one programmer (me) does: for the I-th move (starting
from 1), with T time remaining, allocate

    A * (T / (71 - I))  if I <= 40, and
    A * (T / 30)        if I > 40

where A is 1 + 1/3 if thinking on the opponent's time is enabled,
and just 1 otherwise.  the opponent time adjustment is conservative,
which means that the time allocated per-move usually creeps up
through the first fourty moves.

the allocated search time can be different than the actual search
time.  i dynamically extend the search time if the PV score drops
off, and cut short searches when replying to a check or capture
if the reply PV seems singular.

  - edward screven

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