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Subject: Re: How much time per move?

Author: David Blackman

Date: 20:11:30 03/02/98

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On March 02, 1998 at 15:25:46, Andrew Williams wrote:

>Just a quick question:
>How do programmers decide how much time to spend on each move
>when the time controls state that the program has n minutes for
>the whole game?
>Thanks very much for any help you can offer...

If there are more than 40 moves left i pretend there are exactly 40
left. "Whole game" i initialise to 1000 moves. So
1000 moves in 30 minutes: pretend 40 moves in 30 minutes.
Next move there is maybe 29 minutes left for 999 moves, so
pretend there are 40 moves in 29 minutes and so on.

Given x moves in y seconds something like 2*y / (3 * x + 5)
and if i am operating by hand then subtract 10 seconds. This means it
usually runs a bit quicker than it has to. However if the score is
low when time runs out it is allowed to think longer.

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