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Subject: Re: Rebel 8 on the Novag Universal Board

Author: Ed Schröder

Date: 02:54:35 03/04/98

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>Posted by Richard Porter on March 04, 1998 at 00:22:11:

>When I am using the Novag Universal board hooked to the PC with
>Rebel 8 running, I can make my move on the Univ. board and the computer
>screen will show the move made. Then the screen will show Rebel 8's
>move-so far so good; then-
>when I manually move the piece (corresponding to Rebel 8's move on the
>screen) on the Universal Board lo and behold the
>screen shows Rebel 8's piece moving back to its original square. What am
>I doing wrong?

Hi Richard,

I am sorry to hear about your problems. As the author of Rebel 8.0
I can say I never heard of the NOVAG UNIVERSAL BOARD before neither
did NOVAG contact me to discuss their plans not to speak ask for a

So I am not able to help you out. Best advice is to contact your
dealer (where you bought the board) or contact NOVAG directly.

Best wishes,

- Ed Schroder -


This again is an annoying example how third parties companies use the
good brand name of a chess program for their own commercial purposes.

They design a board and a software driver for the most known chess
programs and throw it on the market.

In the meantime (when the hard/software) fails to function properly
the chess program (this time Rebel8) gets a part of the blame too
without being any part of the problem!

I think through the last 2 years I have at least had 80-100
complaints by email about Rebel and the Tasc smartboard. There is
no support by Rebel for the Tasc smartboard. The Tasc driver is
written for Rebel Silver (again no permission was asked) and has
been not updated for Rebel8 (although promised by Tasc!) and Rebel9.

This is bad for the brand name REBEL but I can also mention other
names as I have seen public complaints about other chess programs

The only two companies who did a proper job (in my case) were Gambit
Soft (AUTO232 board), Hegener & Glaser (Mephisto board) and Saitek
(Kasparov board).

They contacted me and we came to an agreement. Result, full support
of these chess boards by special written software. Full technical
support from my side in case of trouble shooting.

BOTTOM LINE (1): Be careful buying an external chess board. Check
if the chess program(s) you plan to use FULLY support the board.

BOTTOM LINE (2): Producers of external chess boards BEFORE releasing
their product should come to an AGREEMENT with the producers of chess
programs. This will avoid 99% of all kind of trouble afterwards. Not
to speak about the legal side because by releasing buggy hard/software
while using brand names of others they damage the good name of the
chess program in question.

- Ed Schroder -
Author of Rebel9

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