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Subject: Re: Nullmove: when to avoid it?

Author: Severi Salminen

Date: 09:58:47 03/01/01

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>I can save bunches of nodes by not nullmoving on the last ply before
>qsearch. So if depthleft == 1 ply then not nullmoving reduces
>for me the number of nodes considerably.

Interesting idea, I'll give it a try in my engine.

>But diep is hell slower!
>Are you sure that this futile prevention is working at big depths?
>It never worked for me at big depths!

Well, I never reach big depths with my slow Celeron300. I also have not tested
it in large scale but it seemed to reduce nodes a little (maybe 0-5%). Maybe
I'll test it some more and report the results - it still seems to be a good way
to disable null moves.


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