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Subject: Move ordering ideas

Author: Matt McKnight

Date: 02:08:03 03/08/01

oops, messed up that last post...

   I've been toying with some move ordering ideas, and I would like to hear some
feedback on them.

   First idea:
     Inspired by the killers list, I tried keeping a list of two moves per ply
that seemed to be bad ideas, (score < alpha) and using that to sort those moves
in the future to the end of the list.  This seems to give me a small gain.  Is
this idea good, or will it cost me in some positions?

   Second idea:
     Along with the history heuristic, how about sorting moves by the
positional gain they make?  For instance:
             score += piece_eval[to] - piece_eval[from];

this also seems to help a little.  Again, is it helping or not?

Also, are these ideas dumb and old?


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