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Subject: Re: "Grandmaster Chess"

Author: Mike S.

Date: 09:55:59 03/26/01

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On March 26, 2001 at 10:33:35, Fernando Villegas wrote:

>NOpe...Grandmaster was an adaptation of Zarkov. The problem with it was not so
>much the strenght -it was strong- but that it was plagued with bugs. It had the
>prettiest Gui I have ever seen...if we are talking of the same grandmaster.

If you did use it (or better to say, try to use it) in Windows 3.1, you may want
to try it again in a Win9x OS. I noticed many bugs when a ran it in WfW 3.11,
but it works quite ok in Windows 98.

It looks like the GUI has been programmed for Win95, and then half-heartedly
adapted to run in 3.1 too, to increase the number of possible custormers.


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