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Subject: Re: Congratulations to Robert, Bruce and err....Dann...!? Re: Elections...

Author: Pete Galati

Date: 18:39:52 03/28/01

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On March 28, 2001 at 19:53:52, Dann Corbit wrote:

>On March 28, 2001 at 18:04:26, Eelco de Groot wrote:
>>And now I'm very curious what Dann will have to say about this... I believe this
>>is a hattrick of sorts? Third time in office!
>You misspelled "offense" as 'office' somehow.
>>Songs and poems will be composed
>>about him in the annals of the CCC!
>I believe they are called "dirges."
>Bruce and Robert have both served as many times as I have, and possibly more.
>And while I served three terms, I was only chosen twice.  The other time,
>someone had the good sense to abdicate, and I was chosen as some sort of twisted
>punishment for having been some sort of runner-up.

This is probably payback for all the hellraising you did as a young man Dann.
Is this anything like the troublemakers who grow up and become cops?


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