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Subject: Re: EXchess v4.02 released

Author: Dan Homan

Date: 09:49:06 04/10/01

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On April 10, 2001 at 12:28:44, Jason Williamson wrote:

>On April 10, 2001 at 09:56:29, Dan Homan wrote:
>>I've released a new version of EXchess, v4.02.  This is basically a bug-fix
>>version, repairing the SEE bug pointed out by Gian-Carlo Pascutto.  I've also
>>fixed a bug in recording the principle variation. This bug could seriously
>>impair the temporal difference learning of EXchess so it was important to fix.
>>I've also added a couple of options to the "search.par" file for controlling the
>>rate of TDLeaf learning.
>> - Dan
>Do you know of any issues running ExChess 4.02 under Fritz?  I notice that 4.01
>works ok, but is weaker then 3.14 native version.

I don't test winboard engines under Fritz, so I don't know the issues involved.

 - Dan

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