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Subject: Re: If you are ready to solve one mate...

Author: leonid

Date: 19:22:41 04/11/01

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On April 11, 2001 at 21:35:50, Paul wrote:

>On April 11, 2001 at 21:10:45, leonid wrote:
>>Hi, Paul!
>>Genius 2 and Genius 4, for sure, don't care about any fantasy positions, like
>>this last one. Genius 2 was able to solve every position without any problem.
>>Genius 2 never did a mistake in any heavy positions that I asked him to solve
>>and I tried on it more that few handreds. Genius 4 was not that good. In few
>>positions (in some 25) it was wrong. It could be that it was the first version
>>for Windows. This is why few bugs jumped inside. It could be that in the next
>>version (like your version 5) it is already as perfect as I remember for version
>>2. Genius 4 is more speedy in solving the mates.
>>I remember that Genius program was not that speedy but bug free. Rock solid in
>>I tried for last position only 4 and 5 moves deep with Genius 2. Pentium 600Mhz.
>>4 moves - 11 sec.       (mine 0.5 sec by brute force)
>>5 moves - 12 min. 39.   (...  3.9 sec ...           )
>>I not went with Genius 2 beyond 5 moves because it looked like for this position
>>it will be very long.
>>This position is 8 moves deep, just like you said.
>>And how is Genius 5?
>>Did you ever used Genius for verification of mate positions, like I did when I
>>wrote my mate solver?
>Yes ... I used the older Geniiii :) a lot when I first bought them, but that's a
>long time ago, and the only thing I remember now is that they were very good &
>fast just like you say. But I haven't used them for the last couple of years.

Probably we used Genius version in almost the same time. I think that I ended my
mate solver in around 4 or 5 years ago, and this is at that time that I used
Genius 2.

Recently, I went back to my solver and speeded it a little bit. Still not ended
making my changes for all 5 version of solver that I have. One month ago I had
some trouble with my old AMD and was forced to buy my new Intel 600Mhz. Now,
when I am ready to continue working with my mate solver, I expect also to use
many positions for verification, just as before. It could be that some Genius
version will help in seeing my speed. But Genius 2 look like very slow. And how
are Genius 5? I speek only about mate.

>And I don't like Genius 5 from what I've seen just now, specifically the
>processor load is terrible. So that's going to be a deinstall for me!

It could be that this version is written on C and it make it so slow. Genius 2
is for sure Assembler written but "free" one look not like the original that I
remember. I still must have it somewhere. New one have more Windows look. By the
way, I like very much Genius 2 graphics. Look very pretty. Thanks, Uri, for
spotting "free link"!

See you later,

>PS: Sorry for missing your post, but CCC is terribly slow from here today.

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