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Subject: Re: If you are ready to solve one mate...

Author: leonid

Date: 19:55:29 04/11/01

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On April 11, 2001 at 21:18:42, Paul wrote:

>Hi Leonid,
>Ok ... just installed Genius 5 and tried it on todays problem on its infinite
>level ... it solves it virtually instantly as a mate in 8. The strange thing is
>when I let it play the mate against itself it finishes as a mate in 7. It
>chooses some suboptimal defense along the way ... that's not ok. Further, on
>matelevel (mate in 8) it doesn't find anything within a few minutes, but that's
>not too surprising. I didn't have the patience to let it finish, because you
>don't see any progress indication (just a clock ticking) while it's analyzing on
>Also tried yesterday's problems: your mate in 8 took about half a minute on my
>p2/400 ... but it didn't solve my mate in 10 within 10 minutes! Strange ... so
>it seems to like artificial mates.
>Also, the GUI is not well behaved under Windows because it takes up full
>processor time even when it's doing nothing. That's not nice ... well that's a
>first impression.

Paul, I am lost a little bit between your and mine messages but this message is
really valuable! I think that Genius 5 use some kind of selective search and
successfully. It could be that it have even this selective search in Genius 2
but I was not able to see it. This make Genius mate search even more impressive
for me.

Paul, what exactly you wanted to say when you said "artificial mates"?

Thanks, Paul, for your trial!


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