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Subject: If you like easy mate...

Author: leonid

Date: 05:33:04 04/12/01


If you like to solve one not long and easy mate, here you have one:

[D]r1n1kn1r/bP1bqpP1/NB1nq1BN/Qq2n1qQ/1N4N1/2Q2Q2/3RR3/3K4 w - -

Please indicate your result.

If you use your own program (written by you) and you have made special effort
for making its mate solving part more efficent, it will be very nice if you will
say how it was written. What general approach is in your program logic for
solving the mate, if it is not a state secret. How often you came back to this
part of your program in order to change something in it. Don't be affraid to put
some extra words in description of your writting process. At least for me it
will be interesting.

Thanks you very much!

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