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Subject: Re: WAC Corrections

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 11:42:14 04/12/01

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On April 12, 2001 at 13:24:02, Dann Corbit wrote:

>>	#41		b6-b7			DELETE book solution
>>			Kb5-c5			DELETE book solution
>>			Kb5-c6			DELETE book solution
>>			Kb5-a5			correct solution
>I have:
>1k6/5RP1/1P6/1K6/6r1/8/8/8 w - - bm Ka5 Kc5 b7; id "WAC.041";

Ka5 is much  better than the others.

>>	#98		Nc5-b3			DELETE (2nd) book solution
>I have:
>1r3rk1/5pb1/p2p2p1/Q1n1q2p/1NP1P3/3p1P1B/PP1R3P/1K2R3 b - - bm Nxe4; id

Nxb3 wins too, its not much worse than Nxe4.

>>	#105		Bd6xg3			additional solution
>I have:
>r2r2k1/pb3ppp/1p1bp3/7q/3n2nP/PP1B2P1/1B1N1P2/RQ2NRK1 b - - bm Qxh4; id

Qxh4 is a forced mate. If Bxg3 is too it must be quite far out, cos
my Crafty with singular extensions can't see it. Winning yes, a mate
I dont know.

>>	#123		Re7-c7			additional solution
>>			Re7-e6			additional solution
>I have:
>6k1/1b2rp2/1p4p1/3P4/PQ4P1/2N2q2/5P2/3R2K1 b - - bm Bxd5 Rc7; id "WAC.123";
>Re6 will require additional testing and verification by a chess expert.

Re6 gives white quite a bit of defensive options. I dont think
its more economical than Rc7.

>>	#140		Be5-c7			additional solution
>I have:
>r2b1rk1/pq4p1/4ppQP/3pB1p1/3P4/2R5/PP3PP1/5RK1 w - - bm Rc7; id "WAC.140";
>Bc7 will require additional testing anf verification.

Rc7 is better, although Bc7 also wins.

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