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Subject: Re: If you are ready to solve one mate...

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 13:55:28 04/12/01

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On April 11, 2001 at 18:04:15, leonid wrote:

>If you are in the mood to solve one mate then you can try this position:
>[D]q1rkr1q1/RQpbpQR1/N1qbq1N1/n1NBN1n1/1Q1B1Q2/1q1Q1q2/3K4/2Q1Q3 w - -
>Please indicate your result.

Sjeng: prove

Max time to search (s): 1000000

P: 0 D: 100000000 N: 109501 S: 109500 Mem: 4.59M Iters: 1397 MaxDepth: 19
This position is WON.
PV: e5c6 a5c6 b7c7 d6c7 f4c7 c8c7 a7a8 c6b8 c5b7 c7b7 b4e7 e6e7 e1e7 e8e7 f7e7

Nearly a minute on half a Cyrix120, so I guess thats less than 5 seconds
compared to the hardware other people are using.

109500 nodes

>If your program is shareware try to indicate its address on the web.

Free software:


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