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Subject: Der Bringer 1.8 English User's Guide

Author: Jim Kearman

Date: 15:31:23 04/17/01

Der Bringer is a very good chess program, now in version 1.8. While the user
interface can be set to English, the Help files are currently available only in
German. I started working on an English-language user's guide at version 1.6, in
cooperation with the program's designer, Gerrit Reubold. I posted a preliminary
version 1.8 user's guide last week. After consulting with Gerrit, the final
version is now available. If you downloaded a copy of the version 1.8 manual
before April 17 2001 you should download a copy of the new version. The changes
are minor but worthwhile.

The manual is written in HTML with GIF illustrations done from screen captures.
Unzipped, the file size is 124 kB. Hyperlinking is used to make it easier to
move around in the manual. This version uses a CSS-1 style sheet, and looks fine
on IE5.01, Netscape 4.04 and Netscape 6.0. I assume it will work fine in IE4 but
haven't tested it with any other browsers. There is a simple Javascript to
facilitate moving back from a link. This script works in the browsers tested. If
you have Javascript disabled you can use the Back button on your browser to
accomplish the same thing. The manual does not use frames. To use the manual you
unzip it into the folder containing the Der Bringer executable. It creates its
own folder. Create your own shortcut to the index.htm file in the bringerman
folder and you're ready to go. (Instructions for doing this are contained in the
readme.txt file in the Zip file.)

The English user's guide is available from URL: You can view
an online copy or download your own copy in Zip format. There are some
opening-specific opening books for Der Bringer available there as well. If you
cannot download from this site it is probably due to some download "enhancing"
software you are running. There is an email link through which you may request a
copy by reply email. The zipped file size is about 92 kB.

While I give away the manual, like Der Bringer it is not "freeware." I would
prefer to maintain a single site for distribution, so I know the latest version
is the only one being offered. Please don't  repost or distribute the manual on
your own.

The site has a link to the download site for Der Bringer, or go here

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