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Subject: Re: Mate that every program will solve... If you have Genius 6 or Rebel

Author: leonid

Date: 18:24:06 04/17/01

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On April 17, 2001 at 07:43:30, leonid wrote:

>If you like to solve very "regular" mate position, then you have one.
>[D]R7/4P1Pq/1rR5/2pb1rnk/1Q3B2/4Nn2/1PB2Np1/2K1b1Q1 w - -
>Please, indicate your result.

Please, if you have Genius 6 (or other version), or Rebel 11 (or some version
for DOS) could you say me the time that it take for one of those programs to see
the mate by brute force. It will be enough for me to know time for 4 and 5 moves
deep. Once without any hash and the next with as much hash as you can put there.

I tried for Rebel 10 on my Windows ME but with big hash it goes too busy with
hard disk swapping. It make me mix-up.

Would like to see mainly possible impact of hash on branching factor for this


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