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Subject: Re: Old chess challenger 7 algorithms

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 13:50:29 04/06/98

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On April 06, 1998 at 11:09:42, JW de Kort wrote:

>A few days ago someone posted a question to RGCC about the operation of
>the chess challenger 7 computer, a model that was one of the first
>commercialy available chess computers. I dug mine op form my cellar and
>starting playing with it. Now i wonder, how sophisticated the program of
>this will be? Does anybody have any knowledge about the program used in
>this machine. I'am particulary interested to now about its evaluation
>function and the tree search methodes it uses. I'am sure it is not as
>complicated as todays machines or programs but i would be nice to know
>more about it.
>Any help appriciated
>Jan Willem

Hi jan:
As far as I recall, Fidelity 7 and his sucesor, Fidelity 8 sensory, was
programmer by the then top programer of Fidelity, Mr Ron Nelson. After
that nelson produced the Chess challenger 10, with voice, a very good
device for his time. After that He was shortly replaced by the Spracklen
team that created the first great hit for Fidelity, Chess Champion and
then a lomng line of brothers and sons.
The ply depth of Fidelity 7 was 5 in the tournament levels, the frist 3
full widht and the last selective or what was thought as suuch in the
end of 70's.

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