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Subject: Re: Gambit Tiger 2.0: 6 seconds on K6-2 450

Author: Dieter Buerssner

Date: 18:13:57 04/26/01

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On April 25, 2001 at 17:31:10, Peter Berger wrote:

>It's similar when it is about proper implementation of draw rules btw . Offering
>draws is only allowed when you have showed your move ; claiming draw by
>repetition or 50 moves rule - this should be done by claiming draw saying : " I
>reach draw by playing blablabla . " - no program does this properly .

Peter, I try to do it correctly for Yace. But as a Winboard engine it is
difficult. There is no command to tell to Winboard "I am no doing the 100th half
move (which is not a capturing move, pawn push) after the last capture/pawn
push, and I claim a draw with this". Tim Mann suggested, to just send the move
to Winboard, and then send the draw claim (by "1/2-1/2"). Similar with draw by
repetition. You have a recent version of Yace, perhaps you have the time to
check, if this is not done properly.

Other WB-GUIs I know, will make the decision for the engine, so there is not
much the engine author can do.


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