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Subject: Re: One mate to solve... that now is very easy.

Author: leonid

Date: 12:22:06 05/06/01

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On May 06, 2001 at 15:03:09, Paul wrote:

>On May 06, 2001 at 13:20:00, leonid wrote:
>>This position is very curious since it give very high nodes/second rate for some
>>strange reason. When I solved it by brute force, it was 491k. Usually it will
>>not go beyond 200k. Very often will be only 45k. What was your NPS for it? Never
>>mind that you did by selective.
>Nps was around 250k. I usually don't pay too much attention to that number. In
>normal game-positions it's about 200k, and in endgames it drops even more
>(around 150k I guess), because there I switch off nullmove.
>Greetings to your family,

Thanks, Paul!

Rebel 10 usually give on my computer (but not for this position) around 500k.
It look by brute force.


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