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Subject: Re: One mate to solve... that now is very easy.

Author: Paul

Date: 06:21:08 05/07/01

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On May 07, 2001 at 08:42:34, Heiner Marxen wrote:

>Sorry for stepping in, again.

You can step in anytime! :)

>The Allis article is most probably a good introduction to PN search.

I've got the thesis you mention below ... and have glanced through it once, but
not read/studied it, will do.

>Postscript is a quite common document form in the scientific community.
>Practically every laser printer does understand it (without further
>software support).  I recommend to find a solution for that.
>Otherwise, find a friend with a Linux system, which has ghostscript by
>default, the GNU postscript viewer.

Oh ... I have & have used GhostView, is ok under W98, but I've had troubles with
W98 a few weeks back, had to reinstall everything, hadn't done that for GV yet.
You don't realize how many programs you use until you have to reinstall.

>I have the dissertation of Dennis M. Breuker from 1998, "Memory versus Search
>in Games" (got it from the web somewhere).  It is 170 pages postscript,
>but also is a quite complete and up to date discussion of PN search,
>and a modified version PN^2 search.  It contains examples and pseudo code.
>For me it was a good reading.

Ok ... will have a look.

>Where it introduces PN search, it states that that chapter is an adapted
>version of: D.M.Breuker, L.V.Allis & H.J. van den Herik: "How to Mate:
>Applying Proof-Number Search", Advances in Computer Chess 7, pp 251-272,
>University of Limburg, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
>You could try to get this one e.g. in a University library.

Ok ... will have another look. :)

>A quick google search turns up:
>a book by L. Victor Allis: "Searching for Solutions in Games and Artificial
>Intelligence", obviously his thesis.  Appears to be downloadable as postscript.
>Hope that helps.

It certainly does! Thanks, as always. ;)

PS: the fffff key seems to work ok again, cleaned my keyboard yesterday :)
... was annoying, had typed in a reply to a post of yours yesterday, but lost it
when the key got stuck, haha ...

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