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Subject: Re: ATTN : CCC users - 1 Hour CCR Test - Chester's results

Author: Steve Timson

Date: 11:57:03 05/07/01

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Hi,  since this test rewards speed, my hardware certainly is a major factor in
the performance (1.2Ghz athlon DDR).  As you mention Qb6 doesn't look good at
all.. :)  I am going to do some analysis of my eval and see what's up with that.
 Perhaps some tuning is necessary...  When I get home tonight I'll run 22 again
and report the PV - I don't recall if it saw Bb5 or not.  I wouldn't be
surprised if it didn't see it though - chester is solid tactically but I am
still working on positional knowledge all the time.  I don't have any special
bad bishop code beyond mobility, so I'll be interested to see if it sees Bb5 as
well.  I'll post my results.

 - Steve

>Impressive results - a new number 2 for the list .
>Especially the tactical ones are _really_ fast !
>CCR4 : Rbc1 ; now _that_'s a computer's move :-); also CCR2 : Qb6 doesn't look
>nice . For CCR 22 : do you remember your main line ? I think the best ones I
>watched so far had sth. like 0-0 Bb5 ; so they understand what's going on . a4
>is very difficult because of deep tactics I think .
>Thanks for posting these detailed results !

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