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Subject: Re: Scid 2.4 now available

Author: Shane Hudson

Date: 17:08:33 05/07/01

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On May 07, 2001 at 16:29:03, Volker Pittlik wrote:

>Hi Shane,
>thanks for your great program.
>I hope the problem described here:
>has been solved (please!)?
>If not, we should find a way to force this Tcl/Tk guys to update their downloads
>Best wishes

I read that message, mentioning Scid was asking for a Tcl8.4 dll, but I
cannot see why it happened.
I don't use Windows and my access to a Windows PC with VC++ installed is
very patchy, so I rely on users to compile Scid for me. (I just now
uploaded a compiled Scid 2.4 for Windows that another Scid user compiled).

I looked through scid.exe for the compiled Scid 2.3 and 2.4 versions and
only saw "tcl83.dll", never "tcl84.dll". I will check with the user who
compiled Scid, to see what version(s) of Tcl/Tk he has installed.

Any Windows user with Visual C++ should be able to compile Scid from the
Unix source package, after editing the file


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