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Subject: Re: One very easy mate to solve.

Author: leonid

Date: 12:37:07 05/23/01

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>Hey, Leonid, what about some problems with lots of pawns?
>That sort of piece is missing in your creations, up to now, right?

Hi, Heiner!

I don't use that much pawns since they signify little mobily. This last position
came just from three close positions that had pawns. If I presented before
without pawns it is because it was the simplest one. Very few people here are
ready for some deep thinking before week-end. Now you can see the other two,
even if initially I expected to write only deepest mate. Anyway, both positions
are very easy and accessible for every possible program. They have limited
number of moves to start. Everybody can try and solve them.

[D]RqqkqqR1/rPNbNPr1/QnqBqnQ1/bqRQRqb1/Q2K2Q1/3B4/8/8 w - -

[D]RrqkqrR1/qPNbNPq1/BnqBqnB1/bqQQQqb1/Q2K2Q1/3B4/8/8 w - -

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