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Subject: One mate to solve...

Author: leonid

Date: 03:47:33 05/30/01


If you like to solve "usual" mate then try this:

[D]q2k2q1/2nqn2b/1n1P1n1b/2rnr2Q/1NQ1QN1Q/3Q3B/2RQR2B/Q2K2Q1 w - -

Take care, if you will go to solve this position on some good professional
program. There could be some problem. Just before coming here, I printed this
position for me on one excellent program. Then, just by curiosity, I pushed
button to make program look into it. Instantly, some kind of error massage came
as response. Initial number of moves for this position is not even 100 to run
program wild.

Please, indicate your result.


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