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Subject: Sunsetter(C) source released

Author: Georg v. Zimmermann

Date: 16:00:00 06/04/01

Hi there,

Sunsetter is a program that plays bughouse and crazyhouse chess (wild 23). I run
it on Fics via Winboard or you can play against it offline using the ZChallenger
Interface ( which allows you to play against Sjeng too, the variant master :) )

I have now released source under GPL (botton of page) and I hope to get some
feedback from 1 or 2 of the great programmers here. Its not playing "real" chess
though this makes it even more interesting for me:
- the huge branching factor in w23 makes it harder to get decent depths
- the game is always decided by long planned king attacks, something hard to
- humans still hold their own against the best programs at blitz

Changes to the original "DeepBug" :

Fixed some bugs ( pawn on b2 checks king on a1 now detected :), no more "Bad
Hash Move :(" etc. )
Improved Time Management
Completely new static evaluation
New extensions
Implemented Null Move
Implemented Extended Futility Pruning
Other search enhancements
Plausible Move Generation near the leaves
Some MoveGen and Bitboard speed improvements
Ghost Pieces in Bughouse
Easy way to change playing style via ini file or commands
Can annotate a crazyhouse game in bpgn
Can output a whole search tree in html
Deleted some usefull stuff, its MSVC source now ;(
Added repetition detection via hash
Lots of other things I forgot
Added some bugs

       Crazyhouse ratings on Fics

   1. pminear      2631  human
   2. Perplexity   2501  sjeng
   3. sregorg      2491  sjeng
      Sunsetter    2491
   5. FilthyAnimal 2471  human
   6. GhostShell   2465  human
   7. BarryWhite   2437  human
      DragonSlayr  2437  human
   9. JKiller      2430  human
  10. LINDEGREN    2418  human

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