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Subject: King Safety

Author: Stuart Cracraft

Date: 13:17:21 04/22/98

I've never been satisfied with my program's
handling of king safety. It has these few factors
combined linearly:

	king on open/half-open file
	king next to open/half-open files
	king centrality in ending
	king non-centrality in non-ending
	king near any pawn masses in endgame
	king near friendly pawn masses in non-endgame
	attacks to squares immediately next to king

The totality of these is generally far less than a
pawn since I use millipawns and mostly small values
for bonuses/penalties (usually 1 millipawn to 200 millipawns).
Perhaps I should let king safety total more or less than
+1/-1 pawn?

Anyway, I'm looking to see if there are some good
heuristics I've left out.


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