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Subject: Power Chess 98 Stuff

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 17:24:32 04/22/98

Hi all:
Power 98 is in my hands and I am beginning to submit it to my usual
test, that is, just playing against. So now I can only share some scarce
First impression: it was and still is a buggy program. The installation
of it produced to me a huge desconfiguration in my equipment that lastly
coerced to the awful remedy of formatting.
Second: after 48 hours of work with a guru in the very fringe of
madness, the system was restaured and Power Chess operated, but hangs
always, here and there. Warning: my system is not an old one: a Pentium
200 MMX, 48 Mb in Ram and all the thrills of actual equipment.
Third: If you lastly get Power into doing his work, you will enjoy  some
improvements respect the first version. This time there is a window to
see what the engine is thinking when you play the Queen, but without
information about number of nodes. Just the line, the score. Spartan
poverty is the motto here.
Fourth: The queen is WChess engine and the package say is an improved
version of it. As much as I gave my old version I have no way to compare
the exe. files and I have not lost yet enough games to feel the
difference. Thought engine, of course. And a lovely style. Nothing
better than Kittinger engines to get a interesting game.
Fifth: King features were somewhat improved. That and the post factum
commet by the Queen is wonderful for kids and beginners.
Sixth: There is a better analysis function.
seven: There are more boards and they are pretty pretty.You even can
play with 3D boards.
Eight: All that you get provided you can install and make operative the
whole bloody thing. The original price of the package is low, but maybe
you should -as me- include the price of the guru-per-hour work, lost
programs not backed (when you have ALL backed? Not me...)and the rest of
a sad history.
fernando, the King of Crashes.

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