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Subject: 20 Knights, 20 Bishops, 20 Rooks and 18 Qeens in real games

Author: Eduard Nemeth

Date: 15:48:11 06/08/01

I copy this game with FRITZ 6, then under Shredder 5 you can this analysis-game
not played (20 knights)! Under Tiger "Lokasoft-Gui" You can a CBF-database with
this games not load!

20 Knights:
[D]Nn1NN1NN/1NN4k/1N5n/8/8/N7/n4nK1/nnnn1nNn w - - 0 51

20 Knights(51 moves) [A00]
Zoltan Blazsik, 1997

1.h4 g5 2.h5 g4 3.h6 Lg7 4.Th3 gxh3 5.hxg7 h5 6.b4 a5 7.b5 Ta6 8.bxa6 a4 9.a7 a3
10.Lb2 axb2 11.a4 h2 12.g4 e5 13.f4 d5 14.e4 Le6 15.f5 h4 16.fxe6 f5 17.g5 h3
18.c4 Dd6 19.c5 f4 20.cxd6 c5 21.Lc4 dxc4 22.d4 c3 23.d5 c4 24.Dd4 exd4 25.a5
bxa1S 26.a8S c2 27.a6 c1S 28.a7 c3 29.gxh8S b5 30.Sb6 b4 31.a8S b3 32.Sa3 b2
33.e5 b1S 34.g6 Sa2 35.g7 Sh6 36.g8S c2 37.d7+ Kf8 38.d8S c1S 39.e7+ Kg7 40.d6
h1S 41.d7 h2 42.Sb7 d3 43.d8S d2+ 44.Kf1 f3 45.e8S+ Kh7 46.e6 f2 47.Kg2 d1S
48.Sec7 f1S 49.e7 Shf2 50.e8S h1S 1-0

or 0-1? :)

20 Bishops:

[D]BBBk1B1B/1B4B1/b7/8/1b6/1b4K1/1b1b1B2/b1BbbBbb w - - 0 51

20 Bishops(51 moves) [A00]
Zoltan Blazsik, 1997

1.a4 b5 2.a5 c5 3.Ta3 b4 4.d4 Db6 5.axb6 a5 6.d5 Sc6 7.dxc6 bxa3 8.b4 a4 9.b5 c4
10.Sd2 c3 11.e4 f5 12.e5 Sf6 13.exf6 f4 14.g4 h5 15.g5 Th6 16.gxh6 g5 17.h7 g4
18.h4 g3 19.Dg4 hxg4 20.h5 g2 21.h6 gxh1L 22.Se2 f3 23.h8L fxe2 24.f4 g3 25.b7
g2 26.f5 e5 27.bxa8L cxd2+ 28.Kf2 a2 29.c4 a1L 30.b6 d5 31.b7 d4 32.c7 g1L+
33.Kg3 a3 34.c5 a2 35.b8L La6 36.c8L Lb2 37.c6 a1L 38.Lcb7 d1L 39.c7 Lb3 40.c8L
d3 41.f7+ Kd8 42.f6 Lb4 43.f8L d2 44.Lc5 e1L+ 45.Lf2 d1L 46.f7 e4 47.h7 e3
48.Lg7 e2 49.h8L Led2 50.f8L e1L 1-0

or 0-1?

20 Rooks:

[D]RRRRRRRr/7R/2k5/7r/R4K2/8/5R2/rrrrrrrr b - - 0 53

20 Rooks(moves 52,5 [A00]
Zoltan Blazsik, 1997

1.b4 a5 2.c4 a4 3.Db3 axb3 4.a4 d5 5.a5 d4 6.a6 Dd5 7.cxd5 c5 8.d6 b5 9.e4 b2
10.Lc4 bxc4 11.b5 f5 12.e5 Sf6 13.h4 g5 14.h5 g4 15.h6 Lg7 16.hxg7 f4 17.Sc3
dxc3 18.d4 h5 19.Le3 fxe3 20.exf6 e5 21.f4 c2 22.Sf3 gxf3 23.g4 h4 24.Ta4 h3
25.g5 e2 26.Kf2 Sc6 27.d5 c3 28.dxc6 c4 29.b6 c1T 30.c7 Ta1 31.b7 Le6 32.f5 Kd7
33.g6 Th5 34.fxe6+ Kc6 35.f7 Tah8 36.g8T e4 37.Kg3 e3 38.a7 c2 39.a8T b1T 40.b8T
c1T 41.d7 c3 42.e7 Td1 43.d8T c2 44.e8T e1T 45.Th2 Tg1+ 46.Kf4 f2 47.Tg7 e2
48.Th7 c1T 49.g7 e1T 50.f8T f1T+ 51.Tf2 h2 52.g8T h1T 53.c8T# 1-0

18 Qeens:

[D]QQQqQ1QQ/6q1/5k2/1q6/6Q1/1QK5/2Q5/qq1q1qqq w - - 0 50

18 Queens(50 moves) [A00]
Zoltan Blazsik, 1997

1.a4 b5 2.a5 Lb7 3.a6 b4 4.Sa3 bxa3 5.axb7 a5 6.b4 h5 7.g4 h4 8.g5 Sh6 9.Lg2 h3
10.gxh6 hxg2 11.h4 g5 12.f4 e5 13.f5 e4 14.Sf3 exf3 15.f6 Lg7 16.fxg7 c5 17.d4
c4 18.d5 Sc6 19.dxc6 d5 20.e4 c3 21.Lb2 cxb2 22.c4 f5 23.e5 d4 24.b5 g4 25.b6 g3
26.c5 f4 27.g8D+ Ke7 28.h7 g1D+ 29.Kd2 b1D 30.Dgb3 Dg6 31.h5 a4 32.h6 Tg8
33.hxg8D a2 34.Tb1 axb1D 35.e6 a3 36.h7 Kf6 37.e7 g2 38.b8D a2 39.b7 d3 40.Kc3
d2 41.Ddc2 f2 42.c7 f1D 43.c8D Db5 44.Dg4 f3 45.c6 f2 46.c7 f1D 47.c8D d1D
48.e8D gxh1D 49.bxa8D Dg7 50.h8D a1D+ 1-0

or 0-1? :-)

have fun,


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