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Subject: Re: Using 2 machines for matches (Linux)

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 04:25:11 06/26/01

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On June 26, 2001 at 00:26:26, Tim Mann wrote:

>Hmm, but I don't agree that "pause" can be a feature that's *required* by the
>engine, since turning it on just tells the GUI that it can use the "pause"
>command if it wants.

_I_ never said that. I said that you agreed that rejecting it just because
it is never used is not a good reason.

I can quote you on that :)

The problem is rather with the wording of the error message. It would
be better to say 'expected' instead of 'required'. If it were really
required that is meant the program would exit on rejection, but it does
not since it is not really required. It just prints a warning that
something _could_ be wrong.

>I guess you just print that message anytime you get a "rejected", without
>looking to see whether what was rejected was really required.  I can't blame >you for that.  Most people probably just ignore both the "accepted" and
>"rejected" commands.  :-)

I like this very much because each time a user has trouble I can point
out that message to them and tell them it is because their interface
is broken, and that they should go bother you instead.

j/k :)


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