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Subject: Re: Book learning and rating bias

Author: Don Dailey

Date: 14:12:07 05/01/98

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>>1.  Each program  is registered to  run  on a  given computer,  OS and
>>configuration to start with.  Everything is specified and published in
>>advance.  It never changes from this configuration.  I'll call each of
>>these program/hardware/configuration  combinations a "PLAYER", a given
>>program may be registered of course as more than 1 player.
>It would be improper to allow multiple entries, because this creates
>more chances of one of them getting a rating that is higher than it
>should be.
>We'd be right back where we were in the 80's, when these companies
>entered several machines in a tournament, and touted the results of the
>one who did best.


Yes, this might be an issue.  But isn't that done currently?  I've seen
the same program running on different hardware in the list before.  The
effect isn't quite as bad the 80's example you gave because it is much
less random than a single tournament result.   If a tournament was
won by the best player, it wouldn't matter how many entries you had.

But you are right, there is a still an issue here because the ratings
will have plenty of error built into them.   I personally believe people
take the placings too seriously compared to the ratings.  If number 1
is only 10 points higher than number 2,  for all practical purposes they
are the same.

- Don

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