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Subject: Static Exchange Eval

Author: Artem Pyatakov

Date: 15:51:31 08/02/01

I am writing my SEE function right now, but I can't seem to fit it into my head
when the "piece captures/exchanges" are supposed to stop...

I looked at Crafty's Swap code but I am not completely sure how it works... :-(

First I thought that the exchange is supposed to stop when the <value of piece
Capturing> is greater than <value of piece Being captured>, but I don't think
this works for some cases.

I also tried doing this: carry out the exchange to the end, at each point
recording the difference between <my total captures>-<my opponent total
captures> and then have the opponent search for a MIN in this, and then find a
MAX before this MIN... This is a bit ugly, and I am not sure if this is correct.

In other words, I am thoroughly confused.

Could somebody please explain to me in words when the capturing is supposed to
stop? I appreciate it.

Artem Pyatakov

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