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Subject: MTD(f) and killer heuristics

Author: Marcus Heidkamp

Date: 04:19:02 07/12/01

Has anyone experience with the killer heuristics in an MTD(f) driven search? I
am wondering if it would make any sense, because good cutoffs are stored into
the trasposition tables anyway, and each call to the driver either fails high or
low. So my (rather vague) guess would be that the cutoff ratio for killers will
be small or even zero, because transposition cutoffs are done first.

With history heuristics it's different, because history directly relates to move
ordering, where killers seem to me to affect mostly the cutoffs.

I already did a quick and dirty implementation of killers in my program, and it
seemed not to outweight the overhead of move validation. But maybe I had a bug
in there... :-(.

Comments are very welcome.


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